There have been two versions of the 6923 Particle Ionizer

Did you know there have been two different versions of the 6923 Particle Ionizer?

Did you know that the modification took place after the designer of the set, Nils Kettunen, had finished the design, for he did not know either? We managed to find him on the internet and his emailed reply was:

"Wondered what other version of this set you were referring to, but after seeing the construction drawing I now understand what you were talking about. The Type II is the later version, made to strengthen the rotor construction. Version II is stronger as the rotor is fixed on the body by the hinge, which is a stronger construction compared to version I. So apparently this was changed on a later date, after the initial launch of the set. Usually those corrections were made before production of the sets.

Anyway, interesting detail you found here. Will check on my version if its corrected there, I know that this is from the first batch.

About the secondary engines, in space flight the secondary system is all the thrust systems, but the small ones on the wings are mainly for direction change, also used when the rotor system is on. Think this makes it a very manoeuvrable craft."

Different versions of the 6923 Particle Ionizer

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