Below you will find the archive-file which contains all the definitions for all the (virtual) bricks that have been digitized.

• Download the Library (v543, compatible with POV-Ray 3.7)
  3,712,300 bytes, uploaded on October 23rd, 2018 @ 05:33:28 UTC
  SHA-256 checksum: 01fa96be5a1922ccfe84cced3d56a7de76354eecbae6607954bbce9013b8b582

Work has begun on a completely revised Library, in which every brick will be looked at again, remeasured and where needed more detail may be added. This is a work in progress that is going to take quite a lot of time, but here you can see how far things have currently progressed:

• Download the Revised Library (v600, compatible with POV-Ray 3.7)
  3,765,273 bytes, uploaded on May 29th, 2023 @ 19:43:02 UTC
  SHA-256 checksum: 34c7e5a0705968536f273d750a061c9b875247835f193c64acfd579885f33bf4

There will be a Reference Gallery that you can download, to see what each brick is named and how it is positioned:

• Download the Reference Images (v600)
  258,386,226 bytes, uploaded on May 29th, 2023 @ 19:43:53 UTC
  SHA-256 checksum: 790cfbbc54742e940a2ed8d3b8ecc7aad9e15fec17a28bd19178a697d023b396

Could be important:

In order to check the SHA-256 checksum after downloading a file from this website, simply open your Terminal application and type:

  shasum -a 256

and yes, there should be an extra space after the number 256.

Now drag the file into the Terminal window and press return. The SHA-256 checksum for the file on your computer will be calculated and shown, which should be equal to the one on this website! The shasum utility is included with both Apple macOS and Ubuntu, for Fedora you need to install it seperately with the following command:

  sudo dnf install perl-Digest-SHA