Links to 3D computer graphics:
Pixar Animation Studios
• Who brought us so many great 3D animation movies like Wall•E!
The official POV-Ray website
• Please visit their site!

Links to computer related sites:
• We use Apple computers for all our 3D modeling, rendering and daily general use.
Bare Bones
• We use their BBEdit for our website code and all the POV-Ray coding, needed to render all of the images found on this site!
• Allen Smith his website and Mac OSX application for designing LEGO® models on your Apple computer!

Links to LEGO® related sites:
The official LEGO® Group website!
• Please visit their site! Their official building instructions can be downloaded from here, in pdf-format.
• Founded by Huw Millington, this website is filled to the brim with instruction scans, inventory lists, reviews and what have you not!
Brick Builder
• Brick Builder his website full with instruction scans!
Brothers Brick
• For a daily dose of LEGO® inspiration
• Arjan Oude Kotte his awesome LEGO® ship models!
• LDraw™ is an open standard for LEGO CAD programs, to which we have some connections. Please visit their site!
James Mathis
• Who has created loads of LEGO® train models!
New Elementary
• We visit their website regularly, since they always review new LEGO® elements!
Ralph Savelsberg
• If and when you are into military LEGO® models or many a vehicle as used in movies, please visit Ralphs Flickr page!
Thomas van der Veen
• An old friend of ours...


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