Links to 3D computer graphics:

Pixar Animation Studios
Who have brought us so many great 3D animation movies like Wall•E and many others!

The official POV-Ray website
Please visit their site!

Links to computer related sites:

Fedora Linux
Fedora Linux distributions can be downloaded from here. Currently we use Fedora Linux 37 (both Workstation and Server) on our main computers for all our 3D modeling, rendering and daily general use.

We use Canonical their Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Linux distribution on a few other computers, several of them are even Raspberry Pi 4s!

Links to LEGO® related sites:

The official LEGO® Group website!
Please visit their site! Their official building instructions can be downloaded from here, in pdf-format.

Brick Builder
Brick Builder his website is full with instruction scans.

If you are every looking for a specific separate or multiple LEGO® bricks, both used or new, then go to BrickLink©!

Allen Smith his website and macOS application for designing LEGO® models on your Apple computer!

Brothers Brick
For a daily dose of LEGO® inspiration!

Arjan Oude Kotte his awesome LEGO® ship models!

LDraw™ is an open standard for LEGO CAD programs, to which we have some connections. Please visit their site!

James Mathis
James has created loads of LEGO® train models!

New Elementary
We visit their website regularly, since they always review new LEGO® elements!

Ralph Savelsberg
If and when you are into military LEGO® models or many a vehicle as used in movies, please visit Ralph his Flickr page!

Thomas van der Veen
An old friend of ours...


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